What is BME Scaleup?

BME Scaleup Segment

What is BME Scaleup?

BME Scaleup is a stock market aimed at high-growth companies with a proven business model. With BME Scaleup, the BME Group supports companies at all stages of financing through capital markets. From the earliest financing rounds (seed series A, B, C, or D) to capital increases carried out on the Stock Exchange.

BME Scaleup seeks to participate and collaborate in an ecosystem where venture capital, business angels, and crowdfunding are the main sources of alternative financing for these companies.

How to list on BME Scaleup?

The main requirements for a company to join the BME Scaleup segment are:

  • Be a public limited company.
  • The share capital must be subscribed, paid up, and freely transferable.
  • Shares must be represented by entries in accounts.
  • Present an Initial Market Access Document.
  • Designate a Registered Advisor.
  • Legal and financial Due Diligence.
  • Audited annual accounts.
  • Disclosure of significant holdings.

Regulation of BME Scaleup

BME Scaleup circulars

Why list on BME Scaleup?

Driving company growth
In a rapidly evolving business landscape driven by demographic changes and emerging technologies, new companies, especially scale-ups, are on the rise in Spain. BME Scaleup is specifically designed to cater to this market segment, helping them to secure funding to finance their growth.

Increased prestige and brand visibility
Companies listed on BME Scaleup receive significant exposure in the media and social networks, enhancing their reputation and brand recognition among customers, suppliers, and investors. This effectively complements their marketing and advertising efforts.

Expanding the investor base
BME Scaleup simplifies the trading of shares for founding shareholders and other stakeholders including business angels, crowdfunding contributors, and venture capitalists. It opens the doors to specialized investors making it easier than ever to diversify and expand your shareholder base and facilitates the exit of previous investors.

Driving inorganic growth
Companies listed on BME Scaleup have the opportunity to use their own shares to finance acquisitions of other companies, facilitating their growth and enabling them to become more efficient sector consolidators.

Facilitating hiring and talent retention
Ability to offer publicly traded company shares to key employees and executives as a strategy for talent retention.